Narrative – The Legend Of Ranu Grati Lake

One upon a time there lived a poor farmer with their only son. His name was Joko Baru Klinting. He was named Jiko Baru Klinting because he had a nacklace with the bell that sounded “ting-ting-ting”. He was happy although he lived in poverty because his parents loved him so much. But things changed when he was four years old, his father passed away, he lived in suffer with his mother. His mother had to work hard to  earn the living. So he didn’t have much time to play together with his mother. He didn’t have many friends because he was poor and ugly. Two years after his father’s death, his mother also passed away. This was the hardest time for him. He was still six years old. He had nobody. No father, mother nor relatives. He had to struggle to surfive. Living alone, nobody took care of him. He god serious ill, he’s god scubbies all parts of his body. He had a bad smell because of those scubbies. Where ever he went every body mocked him. It made him so sad.

One day he went to the yard to play together with the other children. But when he got closer to them they suddenly ran away and said bad things to him

“He is scubby boy.! He is awful boy!,Don’t get close to him! , Don’t get close to him!”

While saying that they left him alone in the play ground. He was sitting on the ground crying sadly.

“Uh….Uh…..Uh….Why are they so mean to me? Huh….huh…..What I have done wrong? Oh…. God please help me!”

Suddenly there came an old lady walking in bow back, greeted him kindly.

“Hi my little grand son, why are you crying so sadly? Come on! please don’t cry my grand son” She said

“Who are you Grand ma?” Asked Joko Baru Klinting

“I’m nobody. But I took a pity to you? I want to help you!

“What did those children do to you?” She asked

“They always mock me, they always stay away of me, when I get closer to them” Joko replied sadly

“Well, my son. Never mind let’s go home”

Then the old lady took care of him in her house. Since that time he felt better because he had some one who took care of him. But the scubbies in his body hasn’t  been recovered yet. This caused bad smell.

One night, he had a strange dream. The old man with long and white beard came to him. He told him that there was a magic “lidi” given to him.

Do you know what “lidi” is ? Good!  well let me give you a little descriptipn of it. This is a small stick taken from the coconut leafe. This is usually bound together with others to make a rake. It is useful to clean the yard. Here it is the “lidi”

Well, When he woke up he found a piece of lidi under his bed. Then he asked his grand mother to go to the high land. Then the old lady went up the hill as high as she could.

Mean while, Joko Baru Klinting went down the hill looking for the villagers where they used to gather for village celebration. There he found lots of people enjoying the village celebration held by the chef of the village.

“Hi every body! Come here!, I’ll show you a magic “Lidi”

All vellagers laughed at him, and mocked him.

“ What do you want ugly and smelled boy?” asked a strong young man

“Well who is able to pull this lidi out of this ground. Will be come the strongest man in the world and you may mock me the rest of my life. But if  you can’t you have to apologize for making me and my grand ma life in suffer”

“Hah..? are you kidding me. Me??.. ask you apologize??.. Never ever happen”

“No, Sir, Just try, we will see”

“All right, Ughhh….Ughhh……” He tried to pull it harder. But the lidi didn’t move at all, instead he fell down to the ground”

This made the other men around got challange to try it. Every body tried it but all of them fell down to the ground.

“Oke. Nobody can pull it out. So you have to apologize to me and my grand ma”

“No way, poor, ugly and smelled boy, I’ve told you it never ever happen”

“Ok, you will be regretful”

Then finally Joko Baru Klinting pull the lidi out of the ground. He did it! Do you know what happened after the lidi was pulled out of the ground?

There was agreat water spring came out of the earth where the lidi was pulled out. The spring of water became greater and greater very quickly. The water swept away everything in the village, people, cattle, houses, trees. Nothing is left.

The people cried out loud for his mercy. He said sorry, but it was too late. Things had happened. It could’n be stopped. The water continously sprayed out of the land strongly. It covered all the land where the people of Grati village lived. Soon it became a very vast lake called Ranu lake. Joko Baru Klinting and his grand ma were save. They they took a bath in that lake that made them recover from that skin diseases and remove the bad smell. Joko Baru Klinting then continued his life with his grand ma.

Well every body. Do you know where the lake is? Yes. That’s right it is located in Grati one district of Pasuruan Regoin.


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