Narrative – The Legend Of Kasodo Ceremony (TENGGER TRIBE)

Once upon a time there lived a happy couple of Tengger tribe on the slope of mount bromo. They were Joko Seger and Roro Anteng. They had a happy and prosporous life. They had everything they wanted except children. They prayed to God and Goddess days and nights. One day while they were praying they saw huge body made of smoke “Wuss..” and heard the voice of an old man.

“Hi, Joko Seger and Roro Anteng, You are going to have a baby boy soon. But remember when he is seventeen years old, I will take him back. I’m waiting for him in Bromo crater. ” Then the smoke dissapeared as the voice gone.

Joko Seger and Roro Anteng weren’t given a chance to negotiate. A month later Roro Anteng found that she was pregnant.Then they got a handsome baby boy. It was really a healthy, cute baby boy. Joko Seger and Roro Anteng were very happy. Everyone who saw him fell in live with him. It was amazing. Years passed by all the people in the village loved him very much. Raden Panji grew up became a kind, polite and handsome young man.All the villagers loved him. He also liked to land a hand to everybody who needed it. This made Joko Seger and Roro Anteng felt so proud and excited so they forgot about their promise with the soul of Bromo Mountain.

Then, the time came. Raden Panji reached the age of seventeen years old. However. Joko Seger and Roro Anteng didn’t take him to the crater for the sacrifaction. Do you know what happen then?

Well,  audiences this is what happened then

The day suddenly turned dark, the wind blew so strongly, swept away the leaves of trees, roofs of houses and destroyed the farming land. The villagers were scared. They didn’t know what had happened. Then they heard the loud voice.

“Hi, Joko Seger and Roro Anteng. Your son is seventeen years old now. You know what to do? I am waiting for you in the crater”

The villagers were confused. What voice was that? Then Joko Seger asked his people to gather in the field. Accompanied by his wife, Roro Anteng and his beloved son Raden Panji, he explained that he had to sacrificed Raden Panji by throwing him into the crater, unless the soul of bromo crater would be angry and destryed everything on the slope of mountain. The villagers were shocked hearing that.

“Well, my people What should I do? Do you have suggestion?” Joko Seger asked

The villagers were silent. They didn’t have a word to say. They loved Raden Panji very much, on the other hand they were afraid of mount Bromo’s soul’ anger.

Then suddenly Raden Panji came forward and  said bravely

“Father, you have to keep your promise to save your people, So lets hold the sacrifaction ceremony. I am ready to be sacrificed to the crater”

“But, my son, we don’t want to lose you” Joko Seger said

“I know that father, But your people and the village are more important than my life. I will be happy if I could save this village life. I’m sure father will be proud of me later, won’t you?”

Then Joko Seger and Roro Anteng agreed with their son’ idea. And the villagers did too. Then they  prepared everything for the sacrifaction  soon.

The villagerr worked sadly in preparing the ceremony. After three weeks preparation then they were ready to sacrifice Raden Panji, their beloved son to the crater.

It was the tenth month of Hinduist calender in Bromo . The day turned dark, the wind blew so strongly, the rain fell down so heavily, thunder and light accompanied the trops of villagerw who brought the “Sesajen” to take Raden Panji to the edge of crater. Tears fell down from their face.As they arrived at the edge of the crater Joko seger and Roro Anteng couln’t bear their deep sadness. Roro Anteng stood still at the edge of Bromo crater, tears fell fown from her face, She had to let their son to jump into the crater.  She turned her face oppose the crater as Raden Panji jumped into the crater accompanied by the Sesajen thrown by the villagers, tears and sad cried . After Raden Panji’s body was swallown by the hot lava in the crater, then suddenly the thunder stopped, the sky turned bright, the wind stopped blowing, and the rain stopped. The day become bright and the birds started flying around and singing happily.

Slowly Joko Seger and Roro Anteng, followed by the villagers walked down leaving the crater. The people statred the new life. Since that time on the people around Bromo mountain the ‘Tengger” tribe have been having sacrifaction of the agrocultural’s crops to the crater of mount Bromo on the tenth month of their calender. The ceremony is called “Kasodo” which becomes the most tourism attraction for domestic and foreing tourists as well


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