Once upon a time, there was a cute ordinary girl. Her name was Polipolly. She lived at Confeito Village. Polipolly was twelve years old. She was diligent, kind, smart, friendly and beautiful. She had mother and brother, but she didn’t have father. When she was five years old because of an accident, her father dead. Her mother’s name was Pithaloky and her brother’s name was Pinno. Polipolly was animal lover, especially cat.

One day, Polipolly went to Fanny’s house. She wanted to look Fanny’s cats. Fanny had many cats. Therefore, Polipolly often played to Fanny’s house. She really liked Fanny’s cat called Fina. After Polipolly played together with Fanny and Fina, She went to home. Polipolly wanted to feed her pets. She had rabbits, birds, turtles, and horse, but she didn’t have cat. Because she didn’t have much money to buy a Percia cat.

Eight years later, Polipolly grew up into a teen girl. She was twenty years old. Until eight years old, Polipolly didn’t have a Percia cat. She always prayed. And . . . .Next month, She found a Percia cat in front of her house. She was very happy and shocked. Because, her praying had been answered by God. She felt like a dream. But, Polipolly didn’t know who the owner of that cat was. Finally, Polipolly made decision to treat that poor cat. She gave the name of the cat was Catty Perry.

Polipolly told all the events to her mother and her brother. Her family was very shocked. Pinno was very happy, because Polipolly got what she wanted. Polipolly wanted to buy house for Catty Perry. Polipolly and Catty Perry played together everyday. Polipolly always brought Catty Perry to Fanny’s house. Polipolly wantedto introduce her cat to Fanny and Fanny’s cat. They played together every afternoon at Fanny’s house.

Catty Perry always did all polipolly’s commands. Catty Perry’s attitude like a dog.Catty Perry faith to Polipolly. Polipolly loved Catty Perry very much. But, her neighbor didn’t like Catty Perry. Because, Catty Perry ruined her neighbor’s field. And then, Polipolly put Catty Perry in Fanny’s house. On wednesday, Fanny brought Catty Perry to Polipolly’s house. Fanny didn’t like Catty Perry again, because Catty Perry made Fanny’s cats were angry. And then, Catty Perry was treated by Polipolly again. Catty Perry would be obey to Polipolly, if Polipolly liked to take a care Catty Perry again.

Catty Perry was treated by Polipolly again. Polipolly always wentto campus by bus. Polipolly usually went to Halte with Catty Perry. Catty Perry always waited for Polipolly when she came back from her campus. And one day, Polipolly didn’t come back to the halte. At the campus, Polipolly got stomachache. Therefore, she called her mother to accompany her to the hospital. Catty Perry just waited for Polipolly at the halte. Two weeks later, Polipolly forgot if Catty Perry was there. And then Polipolly went to there with her mother and her brother. Polipolly didn’t know if Catty Perry was die, because Catty Perry didn’t eat during two weeks. Catty Perry was very faithful to her employer. And now, Catty Perry as known as a loyal cat to her employer in the world.



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