Narrative Text ~The Legend Of TEGALARUM Pasuruan~

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom where its people lived peacefully and never found difficulty to fulfill their daily needs because the king, Jati Pati, governed his people with care and wisdom. Everything they needed were always given by the king for their prosperity and welfare. His people liked him so much.

He had two daughters with similar characters. That is wise , hospitable, and helpful. The older one was Demi Padmi and the younger one was Dewi Arum.

Dewi Padmi was an unfortunate girl because she was sick. The disease was hard to be healed. Her parents did everything, but failed. The diseases wa given by Mak Bayong, an ugly evil witch. Dewi Padmi would be healthy if the king gave Dewi Arum to the witch. She wanted her because Dewi Arum was protected by the power of God.

There was a saying ” the one that could kill the witch is Dewi Arum”. She didnt want it happen.

One night the witch came to the palace and appeared in front of the   King Jati Pati’s bedroom window.  She said “ Hiiiiii hi hii hi Jati Pati. I want to remind you the next full moon,  you should submit your last child. Unless I will kill Dewi Padmi and your people. “

The King was afraid and said ”Please heal my daughter and get away from my younger daughter. Take my Kingdom if you want. ”

The Witch Replied “ Hi …hi I dont need your  Kingdom, Foolish King! I just need your youngest dauhter and I become the King of the Darkness. Dont forget! Next Month Full moon!” Then the wicth dissapeared in the dark night.

The king could not sleep thinking of how he could handle this matter. He was in dilema. He loved both of his daughters. He could not give her daughter  to free another daughter. After that night he looked so upset.

Dewi Arum  Asked ” Why you look so pale and sad, father? Anything that I can help? “

The question broke the King’s thought. He could not say a word. He didn’t want to hurt his daughter feeling. So he just kept silent.

“Father, tell me? Why are you dissapointed? “ Dewi arum urged her father.

“Last..last night the witch came by, She reminded me to give you if we want Padmi to be healthy again. I can’t do that because I love both of you.” The king said in a sad voice.

Then Dewi Arum said ”Father, if it is the God destiny, I am ready to sacrifice. If I must die, it is the God willingness.

“No my daughter. I can sacrifice myself but not you and your sister,” said the King

“ Believe me father. If it is good for the people, The God will help us” Dewi Arum replied.

The king burst into tears. They hugged so tightly like nothing could separate them.


Day passed so speedily. When the night came, the King and his people were very frightened. It was the fullmoon and the King had to give Dewi Arum. The witch came and the people tried to haul the evil but they are too weak to fight.

“ Hi hi hi hi…………The evil witch’s sound frightened the King and his people. “ Hii hii hii …..the foolish King. Give me your daughter , Dewi Arum. If you don’t give her to me. I’ll burn down this region. .. hi hi hi hi hi.” Said the witch.

The king was worried and did nothing. But Dewi Arum smiled. She was not afraid at all.

“ father don’t be sad. I approach the God destiny. Be sure, the God will help me” Dewi Arum said.

Not long after that, The witch took Dewi Arum away with her broom. They landed on a garden not far from the palace. The garden was ugly as if there were no life.  The witch then took a sword and was ready to kill Dewi Arum.

“ Dewi Arum, Finally I could get you. The God was false to create you smart and powerful. I can beat you hi hi hi hi. What is your last word!”

“ I just want to say. I die not because of you but it is God’s destiny. He decided everything“ Dewi Arum said bravely.

“ Go to hell with your god. I don’t believe in God. Don’t say about that in front of me hi hi hi….”

Then the witch swung her sword to Dewi Arum’s neck. Blood splashed everywhere. The flower sprang all over the garden. They were very fragrant. The witch could not stand the fragrant.

“ Help … help me I can’t stand with this fragrance. I cant breath ……” The witch screamed and then she died.

From this fragrance came out Dewi Arum. She was saved by the God. Then she went back to the palace . The King, Dewi Padmi and the people were happy to see her home savely.


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