Narrative ~The Legend Of Pizza~ (English)

Once upon a time, there was a famous restaurant at Italy. The name of the restaurant was Toronto Restaurant. In the restaurant there was a popular chef. Her name was Chikano Iltaliano. The restaurant had many customers. The foods were very delicious. The restaurant had good waiters. This restaurant was five stars restaurant. New menu was made by chef Chikano every week.
One day, Andy met Pizza at Guinny’s house. Guinny’s was Pizza step mother. Guinny didn’t have husband. Guinny was lonely since her husband was die, because of an accident. Pizza was found by Guinny under the bridge. At that time, Pizza was three years old. And then, Pizza stayed at Guinny’s house. Pizza was treated by Guinny. When Pizza was twenty years old. He was very handsome, kind, smart and dilligent. Not long time, he looked for a job.
Andy suggested Pizza to work at the Toronto Restaurant as a washer. Andy was one chef in the Toronto Restaurant. Pizza accepted that job. Andy accepted him as a washer at the restaurant. Next month, Pizza accidentally poured a bottle of melted chocolate in the curry soup. Pizza was very nervous. Pizza poured all season in the curry soup. Nobody knew about it. The soup was served to the customer. And. . . . The customer liked the soup so much.  After that, Pizza went to home. Pizza told all the events to Andy. Andy got surprised.
Andy told all to the owner of the Toronto Restaurant. The owner of it got surprised. The owner of it was Chikano Italiano. Chikano Italiano had assistant, his name was Tonio. Chikano wanted to increase the rank of Pizza, but Tonio disagreed with Chikano’s decision. Chikano had new assistant, his name was Pizza. Tonio was hate to Pizza. Tonio wanted to arouse misfortune Pizza.
Next month, Pizza was made a new menu. The name of the new menu was Chocolato Sprinkaleyno. The customer liked so much the menu. After Chocolato Sprinkaleyno was made by Pizza, new menus were made by Pizza again. The Toronto Restaurant was crowded because Pizza had many new menus. Tonio was very envious to Pizza. Tonio wanted Pizza had Stomachache and He wanted Pizza didn’t go to work.
Tonio became chef assistant without Pizza. Pizza didn’t go to work during three months. Tonio and other chef visited Pizza in the Hospital, because Pizza got cholera. In half of year, Pizza was die. The famous recipe from Pizza was a big pan bread. On the bread, there was melted cheese. The melted cheese made another ingredient was sticky. Another ingredient were tomato, beef, bellpaper, mayonise and secret season. Its name was Pizza. Its name from its maker. And now, the recipe was developed into another recipe, but it liked as Pizza recipe. Now, it is a famous food in the world.


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